Mike Ludlow

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Self Portrait

Kung Fu Comic by Ming Ken Tan 

Technological Life by Javieralcalde

Another branch from our crab apple tree. The flowers are prettier in person though.

outcast lost soul troublemaker | via Tumblr on We Heart It.

Tried stippling for the first time. I quite like the effect. :)

Sneak of the #hellboy piece I’m working on for the show at @herocomplexgallery next month. 
I still have some more drawing to do and then figure out how i’ll paint it. Ugh. Painting stresses me out. #imawhiner
It’s been a heavy week so far. Tons of work ahead. This Saturday I’ll be doing a workshop with Eric Fortune at ccad for their illustration class. I’m only doing it for the free pizza. Last thing I need to do is inspire someone younger to draw like me. I’ll be out of a job within weeks if that happens. Halfway through my demo I’ll just flip the table and start screaming “they call us walking corpses…unholy living dead!!!!” Then run out of the room with all the pizzas. 
Hopefully folks went and subscribed to my newsletter. I’ll post something about it here soon. 
I’ll be at the Spectrum Fantastic Art Live 3 (Google it) next month with a booth and to promote the “Making It” documentary (to people with and without penises.)
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